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  • What is King of Darts ?
    King of Darts is created by a developer with passion for darts.
  • Is it free ?
    Yes, it's free !
    The King of Darts scoreboard app is free to use!

    So, grab your darts and start building those darts statistics.
  • Languages
    The King of Darts app is available in the following languages !

    English - German - Dutch - Danish - French - Hungarian - Italian


  • What is my PIN ?
    Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number.
    If you are added to a game the app will ask for your PIN.
    This will prevent unauthorized usage of your account in a game.
    You can find your PIN under Settings.

    Keep your PIN secret!
  • Multiple devices
    Having the app installed on multiple devices or
    using the web app alongside ?
    No worry, your account / games / statistics are being synced between all devices.


King of Darts has the following games available

  • X01
  • X01 Online
  • Cricket
  • Bob 27
  • Around the Clock
  • Game 420
  • 121
  • Shanghai
  • Kill Bull
  • Priestleys Trebles
  • 100 darts at
  • Catch 40


  • How is my average calculated ?
    Your average (account only) is calculated over the last 60 days.
    This average is only valid for X01 games.
  • Play single / friend / guest / bot
    There are severall opponent types on the X01 games.
    • Single
      You are the only player.
    • Online
      Play against players around the world.
    • Trainer (bot)
      Play against our bot on several levels and try to beat it :)
    • Guest
      Play against someone with no King of Darts account
      pssst, registration is free ;)
    • Friend
      Play against someone with a King of Darts account and who is your friend on King of Darts.