Let's play darts!

Let's play darts!

Use King of Darts to keep track of your dart scores & statistics!

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King of Darts available for all devices

What is King of Darts?

King of Darts is your darts scoreboard app for keeping track of scores & statistics.
It's available for Android, Amazon and as Web App (iOS, desktop and other devices)


Keep track of your progress

With the King of Darts app you can keep track of your progress.
Compare statistics with friends, family or other players.

Keep track of your progress with statistics
King of Darts is available for all devices

Available for mobile, tablet and desktop

King of Darts is available for any device.
Whether you are on your mobile or on your tablet you can play your favorite games anytime you want!
Download now in the Google Playstore, Amazon App store use the Web app

Play a solo game, online, against friends or the dartbot

Start a game solo game, against multiple friends or the darts trainer / dartbot.
The dartbot has several levels to play against.

Play online against dart players around the world.

Play a solo game, against friends or our trainer

Available languages

English German Dutch Italian Hungarian French Danish

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