• General

  • What is King of Darts?

    King of Darts is created by developers with a passion for darts.

  • Is it free to use?

    Yes, it's free!
    The King of Darts calculator app offers all functionality for free!

    So, start using the app to play some darts, create schemes and add your own events!

  • Account

  • What is my PIN?

    Your PIN is your Personal Identification Number.
    If you are added to a game the app will ask for your PIN.
    This will prevent unauthorized usage of your account in a game.

    Keep your PIN secret!

  • X01

  • How is my average calculated

    Your average (below your name when you are logged in) is calculated over the last 90 days.
    This average is only valid for X01 games.

  • Play Single / Trainer (bot) / Guest and Friend game

    There are severall opponent types on the X01 games.

    • Single
      You are the only player.
    • Trainer (bot)
      Play against our bot on several levels and try to beat it :)
    • Guest
      Play against someone with no King of Darts account (hey, register is free :)
    • Friend
      Play against someone with a King of Darts account and who is your friend on King of Darts.
  • Popup: How many darts needed for double

    Why do I see the popup "How many darts needed for double" when playing a X01 game?
    This popup is shown when your score is below 170 and calculates your finish percentage.

    Lets assume your current score is 100, in your turn you throw 60. It's then possible that you have missed 2 doubles.
    You could have thrown triple 20 which leaves 40 and you missed 2 darts at the double.

    If you missed 1 double and the second dart is a hit on the double, then your finish percentage would be 50%.