Let's play darts!

Dartboard hanging and height instructions

The dartboard should measuring from the center of the Bull to the ground 5 Feet 8 Inches (173 cm / 68 inches).
The distance the center of the Bull to the oche (where you are standing / throwing line) is 9 Feet 7 and a half inch (293 cm / 115.35 Inches).
From the ground till to oche should be 7 Feet 9 Inches (237 cm).
Players toe must not be in front of the line when throwing.

The underground would be preferable wooden or carpet floor. Other floortypes could damage a bouncing dart.
A dart mat would be a good idea to place below the dartboard. The dart mat will protect your darts.
Also the room should have enough lighting. Shadows on the board because of the light should be avoided.

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